会呼吸的空间雕塑ALVIN杭州影像艺术空间 | 实景作品



Minimalism is a popular design concept at the moment.

 The combination with light

 runs through our entire project space.


Interior Design: Scope Design


Chief Designer: Weng De/Liang Jianfeng


Project Address: Hangzhou, Zhejiang


Space Category: Commercial Space


Design Style: Minimalism


Project Area: 600㎡


The project is located in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, known as the "paradise on earth". In 2020, Alvin is stepping from Xiamen to Hangzhou, and going to fill in a new blueprint to the new urban landmark. This is the sixth year of cooperation with Alvin. Thank you again for your trust and support.


Breathing light


In order to make the space livelier, on some of the walls, we have designed some luminous holes with irregular shapes. It is like the heart of this space. We named these light holes "stars". Each "star" slowly lights and dims in order at different times. It not only does not affect the main lighting, but also allows the visitors to see the highlights of this space and stay a while. All these seem to tell people that this space is alive, it is breathing and it gives Alvin the brand its own soul.


We imitated the skylight indoors and made different shapes of concave lamp membranes. From the high suspended ceiling, the light shines like the one in the cave, which gives visitors better artistic light sensation and guidance.


This is the moving line we want.




Each exhibition area is divided by rhythm. Some places are higher and some places are lower. In this way, these areas have their own auxiliary characteristics and the works can be properly classified and displayed. In addition, different channels and door openings are adopted for joint and circulation, as well as to blur the boundaries. 


Through the high-low partition walls and split floors, this space has its own boundaries, but it is also rich in fluidity and permeability, which can guide visitors to feel more exploratory and mysterious in this space. Walking in there is like a visit to the Lion Forest Garden in Suzhou.


Deconstructive layout



In the structure of the art space, an interconnected and deconstructive layout is adopted, which makes it become a combination of individual pieces. We walk in here is like we are walking in the illusion of an abstract sculpture. Every perspective and every area is telling you the artistic beauty of this space. We hope that this space has a certain degree of openness and tolerance, so that visitors can freely walk through it, and Alvin can be also shown "without reservation".


The design is inspired by the concept of a museum.



The eight-meter high space gives people an intuitive visual impact. The spatial structure is different from the various "partitions" of traditional photo studios, which use partitioning to divide the space into functional parts so that the customers will feel restricted. The collective sequence of floor-to-ceiling glasses and walls are superimposed at different shapes and angles and seem like dynamic with the effect of light.


Light and shadow



Light and shadow let us truly feel the greatness of space. Free flowing lights, interacting with the wall, shine harmoniously in the details in the interior, which gives visitors a natural affinity and spiritually touches them.