品界设计 | 穿 梭 | 杭州·艾尔文婚纱摄影艺术馆 | 实景作品


Interior Design: Scope Design


Chief Designer: Weng De/Liang Jianfeng


Project Address: Hangzhou, Zhejiang


Space Category: Commercial Space


Design Style: Minimalism


Project Area: 5000㎡


Design Description:


The project is located in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, which is known as "paradise on earth". In 2020, Alvin stepped from Xiamen to Hangzhou and filled in a new blueprint for the new city landmark.


This is Alvin’s second project in Hangzhou. It is a 5,000 m2 Hangzhou Photographic Art Space with 10 major art sections, aiming to create an irreplaceable journey of love, and bringing the best wedding photo shooting experience to the new Hangzhou couples.

「 空间并非是填充物体的容器 」 


Space is not a container filled with objects

Their births are all given different meanings



In our view——

the mission of the 5000㎡ Hangzhou Photographic Art Space is born for love





Through the design of the art space, we re-examined the gap of customers’ different experiences between the open area and the specific place composed of partitions, and used architectural thinking to sort out the relationship of interaction and communication with guests.


The Scope Design team believes that this is an innovation in the photographic studio space, as if touching a dream that can be perceived. We envision it as a kind of energy of modernity. With the concept of progress as the leading factor, we hope to use a tentative rule to create a unique space state. The events that occur in the space are the value of space existence.


 Light Sensation 



We use light as a medium. In the space, it plays the role of conveying and guiding through diffuse reflection. In the design thinking, the designers believe that light itself is a dominant material and the lighting atmosphere should be designed hierarchically according to different areas, so that the spiritual world of people will be conveyed through the materiality of light. Therefore, high-grade, elegant, and illusory emotions will emerge from the light.





In this project, we drew on the design ideas of the mobility of Lane Crawford designer boutiques, and organized the 10 major sections and 8 functional areas in an orderly manner to form an exhibition-like free space. And then according to the changes in structure and function requirements, we also reasonably divided public independent areas to ensure the privacy of each guest. Meanwhile, the designers used a large area of gray cement art paint as the main color system of the space. We believe that there is no need for excessive colors to shape the interior architectural beauty of the space. In the transformation of space, the design of some areas adopted the forms of curve, deconstruction and loss of center of gravity. At the same time, the designers also applied a variety of material methods to the space, and finally integrated them through the design, which can make the space have its own sense of activity and circulation. People will be deeply moved and become more exploratory in this varied and abstract world, where they and the space will blend with each other.




The whole floor is composed of our original hand-made jewelry room, wedding dress display area, art framed display area, high-end custom men's clothing hall, fully independent exclusive modeling room, commercial-grade photographic area and office area, thus creating a very subversive business philosophy and space environment. Open areas are designed in a connected way, and the immersive experience shooting clothing area is more like an aesthetic fashion hall that people can walk freely inside. Wedding dresses and Chinese wedding gowns are displayed in respective areas according to the series, which are all prepared for the special you.


We tries to use Western design order to build Eastern spatial mood and philosophy. The winding path leads to the secluded; from the small to the big; flamboyant and implicit. This is a collision between Eastern and Western aesthetic philosophy.