品界设计 | XiPHOTO顶奢定制影像秘境迷宫 - 实景作品


Interior Design: Scope Design


Chief Designers: Weng De/Liang Jianfeng


Project Address: Xiamen, Fujian


Space Category: Commercial Space


Design Style: Cool & Luxury Style


Project Area: 8, 000 ㎡


Photographer: He Chuan (Here Space)

灯光设计:克瑞思曼&新芒照明/ 光合共筑

Lighting Design: Crisma&Newza / Vidlux


Material Research: Bizhi Coating


▲区域展示,Regional display

▲户外主入口,Outdoor main entrance




Xi PHOTO, the top luxury custom wedding photography brand under Alvin Group, has settled in Lohkah Hotel & Spa (a luxury urban resort hotel in Xiamen as well as the only member hotel of the Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) in the southern part of China), with an 8,000㎡ invincible secret labyrinth and a private coastal view. It has also assembled Alvin's top portrait photography tutors, styling tutors and post-production tutors. 




The most important thing in the commercial space is to determine the core of the brand's design concept first. In the beginning, when we communicated with Mr. Ou (the boss of Party A), he told us that he wanted to have a top wedding photography studio that is very luxurious but not too cold. Looking back on the first year of cooperation with Alvin, the first project was to design a photography club for haute couture wedding series in Alvin Photography Studio which was located in a villa of Wuyuanwan, Xiamen. In this area, our design helped customers understand the difference between ordinary positioning clothing and haute couture, and also guided more people choose haute couture series, which finally improved the sales performance at that time. So, we wanted to go back to that state this time. We would like to design a top luxury wedding photography space with an area of 8,000 m2, which will also show spatial affinity.


▲灵感图源,Inspiration source

▲室内电梯厅,Indoor elevator hall

因此我们这次提出的打造一个专属于Xi PHOTO的酷奢主义,得让它既高级又富有亲和力,走进其中,就会彻底颠覆原有意识。这是一个婚纱摄影空间的全新概念-暗黑巧克力色系下的艺术秘境。

Therefore, this time we proposed to create a cool & luxury style that is exclusive to Xi PHOTO. It must be both advanced and friendly. Walking into it, people will completely subvert the traditional concept of wedding photography space. It is a unique artistic secret space with dark chocolate color.




The entire original structure is located on the negative floor of Lohkah Hotel & Spa. The designers combine rationality with art in their design so as to give people a space feeling of a strong field spirit.


▲灵感图源,Inspiration source


The first level: use the linkage between reasonable sales movement paths and local parts to reasonably connect the seven major functional areas of wedding photography (i.e., the reception hall, the negotiation area, the top-level dress area, the interior & exterior dress area, the dressing room & product area, and the studio) to create a space atmosphere of changing scenes with every step;


The second level: the new space presents a private, high-level mysterious atmosphere through light perception remodeling. The contrast between the luxurious luster of black stones and the original texture of the warm-colored micro-cement façade adds to the richness of sensory experience. The warm light, materials, façade shapes, and various functional areas are re-presented in the dark style. Meanwhile, light sources are arranged in an orderly manner through points, lines and planes. The depth of black and the warmth of yellow. The bright and the dark entwines a sense of beauty flowing in the serene space, reinterpreting the more profound concept of a high-end private club: the merger of restraint and publicity.


The third level: pay attention to detail design and craftsmanship. Everything depends on the designers’ years of design experience and understanding of the wedding photography space, so as to create a comfortable and pleasant sense of private zone and texture.



凭借在设计婚纱摄影的多年经验,我们对于Xi PHOTO的整个空间设计,在与甲方商讨完后进行了多方面的改革。

With the years of experience in designing wedding photography space, we have carried out various innovations after discussing the entire space design of Xi PHOTO with Party A.


▲动线展示,Moving line display


First of all, in terms of the layout, the traditional selection area and the independent product area are removed, and these two areas are distributed in the dressing room, which increases the applicable space and expands the privacy and dignity of the one-to-one service in the dressing room. It is also good for providing more convenient services and saving more time for guests.


Secondly, as for the dress area, we designed in the form of removing the superfluous and leaving the essential. We abandoned the traditional way of intensive side hanging of dresses, which only makes old clothes lined up on the clothes rail. It not only is cumbersome and time-consuming for customers to select but also greatly increases the cost of operation. In our design, we changed to the way of hanging one dress on a clothes rail and showing it on the front side, which can present the beauty of the clothes more comprehensively and facilitate the selection of customers. What’s more, the overall aesthetics of the space is also upgraded to a higher level.

▲大堂休闲沙发,Lounge sofa

▲大堂公共走廊,Lobby public corridor


Finally, in the overall style, we chose a luxurious style of warm colors, which subverts the white and gray minimalist style that has been mainstream in the wedding photography industry in recent years. This change makes the overall space appear more advanced, enhances the brand image as well as becomes a benchmark brand space in the industry.

▲大堂接单区,Reception area in lobby

▲户外侧门及休闲区,Outdoor side door and leisure area

▲过度空间-礼服橱窗展示,Dress window display area

▲礼服品牌馆,Dress Brand Hall

▲Verawang ride礼服馆

▲内外景礼服区,Interior and exterior dress area

▲中式礼服/男装区,Chinese dress and Men's wear area

▲化妆区,Make up area


With the hidden axes, combined with the brand style and through different materials and colors, our design shows the emotional changes of the space and shapes the artistic spirit of the space! It is the designers' gentle breakthrough to the past. Classical, serene, and high-end. At first glance it is also huge and imposing, but it will not be disturbed by any time. It is a majestic labyrinth.

▲走廊展示区,Corridor exhibition area