陋室 - 实景作品


Wabi-sabi is an integral part of aesthetic consciousness and generally refers to simple and quiet things. It originates from the three Dharma seals. They are: all phenomena are impermanent, all Dharma are not-self and Nirvana is the eternity, especially impermanent.


Project Name: Humble Space


Creative Designer: Weng De, Liang Jianfeng

项目地址:福建 · 漳州

Project Address: Zhangzhou, Fujian


Space Category: Office Space


Design Style: Modern Wabi-sabi


Project Area: 170㎡


The Scope Design was founded in 2014. With the growth of the company, the usage rate of the original office space was saturated. Therefore, in order to better upgrade and adjust, we decided to expand the space. As an interior designer, what he or she want most is to have a quiet space to help him or her to achieve peace of mind so as to enter the working state faster and then make better designs. At the beginning of this year, we expanded our office space by renting the vacant ground floor of the company to design a space that combines reception and working. After that, our creative team was very excited at first. As we all know, there are still a few strokes at least in the contrast of black, white and gray. But as for our office, after changing from a two-dimensional plane to a three-dimensional space, combined with the lighting, we want to achieve the ultimate in minimalism in the scope of our ability , from structure, layout, to modeling. Because we all believe that less is more.


In the treatment of the external facade, all the existing decoration were removed except the original frames that could not be demolished. The floor glass and the block-shaped facade are used to let the natural light enter the space to the greatest extent, and reduce the use of indoor lighting as much as possible, so that the interior space can be rendered by the natural light longer and people inside can feel the change of day and night. The entire external facade presents the sense of mass and greatly shows deconstructivist aesthetics.


Taking into account the practicality of the interior space, simply speaking, the function of the site is to work and receive visitors. The public area is used for visitor receiving, experience exchange and learning, internal company meetings and training, etc. Meanwhile, the private area is used for personal working and leisure. Our spatial expression can be summarized as “space design in the language of architecture” and “dialogue among light, shade, lines and space”. The entrance hall and the aisle are the best proof. Only through the light penetrating from the outside to the inside on the entrance ground, can the result give people a sharp and shocking feeling. It also expresses the ultimate neat design concept of Scope. The original acrobatic wall is deliberately left in the aisle, hoping it would retain its original state. In this way, we want to warn ourselves to insist on facing the present with the earliest passion for design and not to forget the initial heart.


The inspiration of the seemingly rough wall paint, is from happy chats with friends. And the cool and chilly artistic wall hanging expresses the deeper traditional rhyme in a modern way. All these are about the emotional scent and the mental evidence generated when we experience changes and self-improvement. They are extremely precious and cannot be copied.


The office is designed to be not very formal or serious but relaxed and quiet. Here, work is life while life is work. We hope to give designers a better environment to experience life and feel every thing around them so as to achieve better designs. Whether in work or leisure time, the designers can feel as easeful and peaceful as at home. What’s more, accompanied by music and tea, they can relax and release themselves to the greatest extent.


In the name of Humble Space, but not shabby, we aim to create a modern wabi-sabi aesthetic space which is simple and unadorned but textured and deconstructivist.